Sailing the Greek Islands

7-Day Greek Island Sailing Itinerary ex-Athens

 Sailing the Greek Islands is the quintessential cruising experience. Sitting with my wife on the dock on Kea in 2011 (above), enjoying a drink and selection of mezes, with the sun going down over the water – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. If ever there was a happy place, this is it!

There are several regions to sail in Greece. All offer something different. Some are rich in cultural sites, others offer lush scenery, while another will offer fantastic dining. From a sailing perspective the Cyclades tends to have very strong winds and requires long sailing legs and less flexibility, while the Ionian is great for beginners, but is less accessible.

The Saronic Gulf is probably the best all-round destination for sailing the Greek islands. Winds tend to be moderate, distances can be varied and the base in Athens is very accessible. It does tend to be busy, but there are plenty of secluded bays where you can avoid the crowds and it is just a matter of getting to some of the key places a little earlier in the day to grab a spot.

Our 7-day itinerary provides a range of experiences, easy legs and opportunity to enjoy both sailing these sparkling waters and some amazing destinations.

We have some great partners in Greece who can offer you extra discounts on your charter. So email me if you want a great price on a quality yacht.

We also offer Greek Island Adventures where you can sail the Greek islands by joining our flotilla with your own charter yacht, or relax on our luxury catamaran.

In order to charter a yacht in EU countries you need the International Certificate of Competency (ICC). This can be obtained through our sailing school by taking our International Crew and Bareboat Skipper courses, with fast-track and super fast-track options available for experienced skippers.  

Greek Island Itinerary 1
Greek Island Itinerary 2