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Our training pathway will take you from Introductory Sailing Skills through International Crew to International Skipper with an International Certificate of Competency (ICC). With no prior experience or knowledge you will be at the helm in just two days and sailing the world in as little as three months. 

Private lessons and race coaching also available.

We make sailing simple and support you throughout your journey.

Learn sailing Melbourne Basic Course

Experience Sailing

Step on board and prepare not only to develop new skills, but to discover a wonderful new lifestyle in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $190

Low cost training ICC learn sailing Melbourne

IYT International Crew

Take the next step into becoming a competent crew with this comprehensive course taken over two weekends or mid-week. 

Duration: 4 days
Cost: $1,540

learn sailing Melbourne for women

IYT Bareboat Skipper

Build your skills and take command of a yacht and crew inshore in daylight hours. Qualify for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Duration: 4 days
Cost: $1,650

Private Lessons

Customised lessons are a quick way to develop your sailing skills. Choose from a huge range of topics and skills from boat handling, racing, navigation and safety. These can be run on your boat, or ours. Cost is $990 for a full day midweek, or $1,200 on weekends for up to three people. Additional people, up to three, are $120 each per day. 

IYT Training System

With no prior experience or knowledge you will be at the helm in just two days and sailing the world in as little as 3 months. Our training pathway is will take you from Introductory Sailing Skills through International Crew to International Skipper with an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The IYT system gets you to ICC for thousands of dollars less than other systems such as RYA.

We make sailing simple.

The IYT recreational yacht training system goes from introductory sailing through to Yachtmaster. The first three steps are the most popular, and take you through to the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) allowing you to charter a yacht almost anywhere in the world. Each step includes a theory and practical component, with the theory available online, right here.


Upcoming Practical Courses

How long does it take to learn to sail?


Less time than you think! We can get people on the helm, sailing under supervision in a matter of a couple of hours. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment. But, to command a yacht safely on your own, undertake procedures like man overboard, reefing and docking, you would need to complete both the 4-day crew course and 4-day skipper course. That’s 8-days, 6 nights liveaboard and 200 nautical miles. We recommend that you then undertake a coastal passage to really consolidate your learning before taking a yacht out on your own.

How much does it cost to learn to sail?

The cost of learning to sail can vary widely depending on factors like location, the type of course, and the duration of lessons. Our introductory sailing courses give you a taste of sailing and build the foundations for just $190, while 4-day liveaboard certification courses cost around $1,600 each. Other operators may charge around $1,800 for each certificate plus $600 for the theory.


You would normally do two certification courses to be able to command a yacht. It is also a good idea to take a coastal passage to really build and consolidate your skills which cost around $2,100. So, for around $5,000 you can go from zero to hero, enjoy some great sailing, explore the Bay and nearby coast, build around 500 miles and be ready to charter with confidence.


A slower and cheaper alternative is to crew for someone who races regularly. While this costs very little, and gives you the crewing basics, you won’t get much (or any) time on the helm.

What do I need to know to sail?


Basic knowledge of sailing includes understanding the parts of a boat, using a winch, hoisting and dropping sails, points of sailing, tacking and gybing, sail trim and safety procedures. You’ll also need to grasp navigation principles, rules of the road, and basic knots. Important manoeuvrers like man overboard, setting a preventer, reefing and docking are essential.

What gear do I need to learn to sail?

For beginner sailing courses, schools like ours usually provide all necessary equipment, including life jackets, spray jackets and gloves. As you progress, you may want to invest in your own gear, such as appropriate clothing, sailing gloves, and a personal life jacket. We have a detailed blog on how to set yourself up with quality gear for under $1,000.

What does it cost to buy a yacht?


The cost of buying a yacht varies significantly depending on the size, age, brand, and features of the boat. Smaller, older sailboats can be found for as low as $25,000, while larger, newer yachts can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The older the yacht, the greater the maintenance burden, so you may be better off getting a newer yacht that is smaller and has fewer features, than an older yacht which is larger. We have helped several former students into yachts that are around 32 feet in length, cost around $100,000 and are around 20 years old. This seems to be a good combination for a first yacht. Always get a marine survey so you know the condition of the yacht, and likely costs to bring it up to a safe standard.

What does it cost to own a yacht?


Owning a yacht involves ongoing expenses like maintenance, marina fees, insurance, and fuel. These costs can range from 10% to 20% of the yacht’s initial purchase price annually. Boats that are between 12 and 18 years old tend to have the lowest running costs and better depreciation. For a 40 foot yacht in Melbourne that is in reasonable condition, expect to pay around $25k per year, including a marina berth ($12k), insurance ($3k), maintenance ($5-7k). This cost can be reduced by using a mooring or older marina (such as Royal Yacht Club of Victoria), doing the maintenance and antifoul yourself, and being content not upgrading sails and running rigging to often.

How can I own a yacht on a budget?


To own a yacht on a budget, consider sharing ownership with others. It is unlikely you will get the chance to use a boat every weekend, so this is a great way to cut the costs and maintenance burden in a big way, with little downside. Other cost saving tips are to put your name down for a mooring which is half the cost of a marina, buy a smaller boat that can be stored on a hard stand, learn to do the maintenance yourself and shop around for insurance.