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Passage Planning Template

Our free passage planning template will help you prepare for your next offshore passage. A Passage Plan is an important step in ensuring vital information is at your fingertips, your crew and those ashore know what to expect, and you can arrive safely at your destination. Just click the button below to download the passage planning template.

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The passage planning template is a free Excel spreadsheet for you to build your own passage plan. When finished save it as a PDF for printing and distribution.

A passage plan helps ensure you think ahead about emergency ports, tides at key crossings, and have VMR (Coast Guard) contacts at hand. I find it very hard at night to interpret the light signal from a lighthouse by looking at a chart, but having its signature on the trip plan makes it really easy. Having all this information at your finger tips can be the difference if it is the middle of the night and the worst happens. 

The information you need to fill out your passage planning template is easy to obtain on the internet. Alternatively, you can buy a passage guide which will provide much of the necessary information. I find it easy to use Navionics on my computer to measure distances, identify hazards and select your ports, and also on my phone/iPad to gather lighthouse and other details. VHF details can be found online, for example the NSW units are here. Of course tide charts are easy to find – you just need to ensure you allow for any variations and also daylight savings if relevant. 

Of course, most passages do not go as planned. But, the data on your plan is there, and will help you adapt as the weather and other circumstances demand.

Let us know your thoughts and experience with passage planning in the Comments below  

Make your next passage a safe one, and document your plan.