MF/HF Marine Radio Course (LROCP)

MF/HF Marine Radio Course LRCOP

An online MF/HF Marine Radio course (LROCP) that makes learning engaging and easy.  This professionally developed course is not just a bunch of text or videos, but a feature rich learning experience. Videos offer clear explanations, diagrams and demonstrations. Other activities promote learning and engagement. Quizzes help consolidate learning and identify areas for further revision. Self-paced, start anytime. 

In this MF/HF marine radio online course you will understand how to operate both a VHF unit and MF/HF transceiver for routine calling and in an emergency. By understanding the principles of radio wave propogation and how to find the best frequency for the ionospheric conditions. Also covers EPRIBs, DSC and AIS to ensure you can use all electronic safety equipment. Plus, troubleshooting and the all-important power supply (aka battery). And we have some fun along the way.

By the end of the course you will be well-prepared to ace the ACMA Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP) exam which is required for the Yachtmaster (Offshore) exceeds the requirements for ICC and to register an MMSI in Australia. Exams are offered monthly and are also online, at-home exams.

You can take the first lesson for no cost to get a taste before you commit. Click ‘Enrol’ below to go to our courses site and register.

Course Screen Shots

Key Concepts Covered

  • Parts and operation of a VHF and MF/HF  radio
  • MF/HF radio wave propogation and how to find the best frequency for the ionospheric conditions
  • How to call for help in an emergency
  • Communicating with other vessels at sea
  • Use of Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
  • Other maritime distress and safety systems
  • Maintenance and emergency repairs of power supply and radio equipment


  • 10 lessons of 30-40 mins each
  • Approx. 6 hrs total
  • Course fee $99 incl. GST 
  • Online exam fee is an extra $99 plus $89 OMC exam fee paid directly by you to OMC.